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1. Public Interest and Public Trust

The above heading is a link to a collection of books and papers on the subject of public interest and public trust, a foundational principle of  democracy and its transparency and integrity.

ART Lectures by our members

The Hon Tim Smith, QC

This paper addresses in more depth than the 2012 paper, the idea that “public office is a public trust “.  The paper calls for a restoration of the principle of public trust, once active, now lapsed, that would entrench the understanding that accountability is an inescapable consequence of ascension to public office. The goal is to ensure that “elected  representatives  and  public  servants  and agencies will understand and accept that their fundamental and over-riding obligation is that  they put the public interest first.
The introduction also outlines the history and development of ART and its Accountability Awards.

The Hon Tim Smith, QC

This paper is an introduction to the idea of “public trust” as a central feature of Parliamentary accountability.

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The Hon Stephen Charles

The Hon Tim Smith, QC

The Hon David Harper, AM QC

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