On 6 August 2009 the Queensland Government released a discussion paper “Integrity and Accountability in Queensland” to prompt public discussion on how Queensland’s integrity and accountability framework could be improved and strengthened.

With the release of this paper a public consultation process was undertaken, involving public submissions, regional and online forums and advice from a round table of experts.

Accountability Round Table made a submission in response to this discussion paper.

Submission on Integrity & Accountability in Queensland._September 2009

In particular, our submission called for a strengthening of the Queensland Code of Ethical Standards for Members of Parliament and the Minister’s Code of Ethics.

In addition it read;

“Before considering the issues raised in the Discussion Paper, we wish to note that the integrity and accountability systems operating in Queensland are more extensive than those available elsewhere in Australia. The Queensland government is to be congratulated on its determination to strengthen those systems. In doing so it is providing leadership to the rest of Australia. Our submission offers what is hoped to be constructive comment to aid that process.

We strongly support the commitments made by the Queensland Government to ban

•    The payment of success fees to lobbyists and

•    The appointment of registered lobbyists to government boards or other significant government positions

and to require

•    Labor Members of Parliament to meet annually with the Integrity Commissioner to discuss their pecuniary interests and how the Member intends to manage any potential conflicts of interest, and

•    Government Members not to take part in exclusive political fundraisers attended by the private sector. ”

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