Membership application for The Accountability Round Table

    Note: Voting Members have the right to vote at and receive notices of general meetings and can submit items of business. They have access to minutes and other documents, including the register of Members.Non-voting Members receive notices of general meetings and may attend but not vote at them.
    The objects of the Accountability Round Table are to generate public debate about, and improve the standards of, accountability, honesty, probity, transparency, anti-corruption systems and measures and democratic practice in all parliaments and governments in Australia.
  • ART has working groups for: - Civil society engagement - Parliament & elections - Integrity systems - Financing politics - Press freedom data & privacy - The executive & public service
  • Thank you for your application to join the Accountability Round Table

    Your application will be reviewed by the Board at their next meeting and we will advise you of their decision accordingly.
  • Payment

    Once your application for membership has been approved, The Treasurer will email you a request for payment.
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