Inaugural ART Lecture – Fred Chaney: Integrity in Parliament – Where does duty lie?

Fred Chaney

“At a time when there is much irritation about the functioning of the political process, in this lecture I want to canvass the difficulty of judging politicians through the lens of integrity because of the layers of responsibility they have and the complexity of many of the issues with which they have to deal. In any particular circumstance the answer to the question, what is the right thing to do, depends on judgements about what interest they are supposed to serve and what policy choices they actually have. How a person of integrity should act is dependent on the nature of the questions faced and in whose or what interest he or she should be acting. Where does the politician’s duty lie? “

Fred Chaney


YouTube Video of Fred Chaney’s lecture

Victorian Elections 2010 – Parties commitments to transparency and accountability

Victorian Elections 2010 – Parties commitments to transparency and accountability

Vic election 2010 Party promises to ART.

The Art seeks a public commitment from all parties to restore open, responsible and accountable government by
1.    adopting the Solomon Report and enacting the Right to Information legislative model adopted in Queensland and Tasmania (Appendix A)
2.    restoring Westminster principles by
a)    recommitting to the principles of ministerial accountability and responsibility (Appendix B)
b)    committing to the rejection of the so-called McMullan Principle as being inconsistent with the right and duty of the Parliament to seek information to enable it to hold ministers and the Executive to account (Appendix C)
and to do so by implementing a Ministerial Code (and Ministerial Staff Code re b)) giving effect to those commitments and doing so in legislation in a manner similar to the current Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament.


We have replies to date from the Greens, the National Party and as of 17th November 2010, the Labor Party.  On 19th November the Liberal Party added to the National's response. On 22nd November we received a backgrounder on the Liberals proposed IBAC, attached.

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