21 integrity reforms to restore

The Rule of Law, Accountability and Public Trust

6 pm  Wednesday 8 December by Zoom  

On Wednesday 8th December, former Prime Minister Hon Malcolm Turnbull will launch the Accountability Round Table reform project, Integrity now! to strengthen the rule of law and restore accountability and public trust.

To contribute to the development of the paper:

ART is very keen to have feedback on its proposed “Integrity Now!” reform package and contributions to the development of that package are most welcome.

These can take the form of private commentary or opinion pieces offered for publication


  1. should be between 500 and 2000 words. If a contributor would like to make a longer contribution they should still submit a sub 2000 word contribution and indicate the areas they would like to expand.
  2. should state whether the author(s) want the contribution to be confidential and confined to the drafting committee to help its thinking or available for posting on the ART website
  3. should refer to at least one of the recommendations and list the relevant recommendation(s) in the title of the contribution
  4. may agree or disagree, suggest further detail, suggest modifications, ask questions, pose problems and suggest other reforms
  5. may refer to past failures of integrity, accountability, the rule of law and public trust but should emphasize ongoing integrity risks and how they may be addressed
  6. should not include defamatory material
  7. are welcome to take issue with, or suggest variations to, the concepts that are unpacked (integrity and take issue with their application

Handling of contributions

  1. All contributions should be sent to Prof Charles Sampford c.sampford@griffith.edu.au
  2. All contributions will be reviewed and moderated by a member of the drafting committee who will recommend ART 1. post it on the ART website, 2. not to not to post it or 3. post is subject to requested revision.
  3. Contributors are under no obligation to revise and ART is under no obligation to post
  4. ART may post a response
  5. Contributors are welcome to publish their contributions elsewhere
  6. Contributions should be formatted as follows: single spacing, line break between paragraphs 12 point Times Roman, UK spell checking. Footnotes are permitted.

For further information contact Prof. Charles Sampford c.sampford@griffith.edu.au

Cathy Wilcox cartoon

Image courtesy of Cathy Wilcox (c)


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