Launch of ART’s Position Paper: Integrity Now!

21 integrity reforms to restore The Rule of Law, Accountability and Public Trust

6:00pm 8th December 2021

This will be a Zoom event. Registration now open

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Launch Speaker: The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull AC, Former Australian Prime Minister

Respondent: Professor Charles Sampford, Foundation Dean of Law, Griffith University

Australia is facing a national integrity crisis. ART argues that Integrity reform is absolutely necessary and entirely possible.

ART has developed a strategy for reform It starts by setting out some key guiding principles that are much used but less understood: The Rule of Law, Accountability and The Public Trust. It links these concepts to each other and to an understanding of Integrity and its opposite Corruption. All these principles centre on the need for elected and appointed officials to exercise the powers that are entrusted to them by the people for those people and not for themselves or their parties.

This paper sets out 21 recommendations for reform. Each with the problem to be addressed and the means of addressing them. These include a strong and independent Commonwealth Integrity Commission (CIC). However a CIC must be accompanied by other independent, mutually supportive and consistently funded independent integrity agencies and anti-corruption measures

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