The Accountability Round Table sees it as essential that there is a broadly based response to reverse the decline in the public’s trust and engagement in our democracy. It must draw on the insights of many disciplines, enhance our integrity system and institutions, and embrace strong culture and leadership.

Sustained change based on this approach will build on a shared understanding on the importance of the rule of law, transparency and accountability, and thereby improve the quality of government decisions and the wellbeing of all Australians.


This is a dynamic text, that will be evolving and changing as our understanding and practice of the Rule of Law, Accountability and the Public Trust are shaped and reshaped by the multifaceted systems of which they are a part.

Because this is a dynamic text, this means it will be revised and updated from time to time. We invite comments and contributions from Accountability Round Table members and others who share its objectives:

The Accountability Round Table is dedicated to improving standards of accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour and democratic practice in Commonwealth and State parliaments and governments across Australia.

Please send your comments and contributions Charles Sampford via email.

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