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Election Disinformation and How to Deal with it

Apr 5, 2022

Sad young male and female characters are covering ears with hands to stop information noise election fake news stock illustrations   An ART Position Paper.

This position paper sets out some of our solutions to the problem of dealing with
disinformation promoted about election matters, including through social media.

Obtaining electoral advantage by deception is in danger of becoming a contest to see who can be the most outrageous. It should have its own penalties. States, most recently Victoria, have or are planning to beef up their laws, but action is needed at the Commonwealth level.


         Setting Caps on Campaign Funding and Expenditure.

March 2022

This briefing paper sets out ART’s thinking on the twin problems of funding election campaigns – the scramble for donations to provide the wherewithal for candidates to run, and the continual escalation of the costs of running a campaign.


  Citizens should be the only ones making donations

INTEGRITY NOW! 21 integrity reforms to restore the Rule of Law, Accountability and Public Trust.

December 2021

This document sets out the reforms needed to maintain the rule of law in Australia. It covers the topics of;


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