Join us for our next event in ART’s discussion series 31 August 2021 – 5 pm to 7 pm.

Have we developed a tolerance for politicians treating the public purse as a resource for maintaining their own party in power? Does no one mind that individual MPs benefit from using their position for personal gain? Is it just a one-day wonder in the news?

Propping all this up are the porkies that politicians tell to keep us in the dark about what they are doing with their management of Australia.

We need honesty, transparency, and accountability from Government so we can vote from an even playing field and democracy itself is not rorted.

Sometime between 7 August 2021 and 18 May 2022, a Federal election will be held! This is an ideal time to focus on how to return some semblance of ethical management and answerability to Australian political behaviour.

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Anne Twomey is a Constitutional expert who has spoken and written in the last couple of years on “sports rorts” and political donation corruption.
Stephen Charles is a former Supreme Court Judge and champion of Victoria’s IBAC. He is also a Director of Accountability Round Table

Please note: The event will be held entirely online.

Photo: Professor Anne Twomey ANU

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