The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an international organisation dedicated to making governments worldwide more open, effective and accountable by promoting transparency and integrity and fighting corruption through increased civic participation, developing good regulation and codes of conduct and through use of new technologies to facilitate transparency. It also sees this action as vital to domestic and international economic growth.

Its own governance is composed of government and civil society organizations.

It now consists of 65 participating countries who have signed up to develop National OGP Action Plans. Australia applied to join in 2013 but is yet to complete its application. It was invited to join by the USA and UK.

ART wrote to Prime Minister Tony Abbott on 10th September 2014.  We quoted a speech made late last year at the OGP summit by the United Kingdom Prime Minister, Mr Cameron in which he identifies what he sees as the important economic benefits of the OGP’s objectives and involvement with them. Our central argument was that “A public announcement of Australia’s confirmation to participate remains a priority and we continue to urge that such an announcement is made as soon as possible”.

The Prime Minister responded to our request on 8th October 2014, stating in part, “My Government is continuing its consideration of progressing participation in the Open Government Partnership. I do not consider there is any need to rush that consideration. Australia has much to be proud of in its advancement of good governance and democracy”.


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