When nominations for the 43rd Parliament Integrity Awards closed on 6 June 2013, a total of 16 nominations had been received providing 2 nominees for the Button Award and 10 nominees for the Missen Award.

At the same time, however, it had become clear that there is a real prospect that a number of significant government integrity issues may yet be considered by Members of the 43rd  Parliament prior to its foreshadowed conclusion on 14 August 2013.  They include, in addition to the FOI Review Report, the Public Interest Disclosure Bill, the Political Donations Bill 2010, the National Anti-Corruption Plan and the Australian Action Plan for the Open Government Partnership which Australia recently joined.  In addition, bearing in mind that there are over 200 Bills waiting to be considered by the Senate, an extension of the Parliamentary sittings, while a remote possibility, cannot be excluded.

In these unusual circumstances, to ensure that the Awards are, and are seen to be a true and fair recognition of the best of the members of the 43rd Parliament, the ART has decided that it must extend the date for nominations to 16 August 2013 so that what occurs over the entire period of the 43rd Parliament can be considered.  As a result a new presentation date must also be fixed.  We will make arrangements for the presentation to occur in the first week of the 44th Parliament and publish the date.  Those who made nominations will be able to update them if they wish on and prior to 16 August 2013.



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