On 24 March 2015 Luke Foley responded to ART’s request for pre-election commitments to transparency accountability and anti-corruption in government. The substance of this reply is posted below.

Thank you for writing on behalf of the Accountability Round Table in your letters dated 27 February and 17 March.
1. That there should be no diminution in the effectiveness of the ICAC in exposing corruption.
Under a Labor Government there will be no diminution in the effectiveness of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Labor supports the role of the ICAC to investigate complaints of corruption and misconduct against public officials. This is a very important institution that should have the resources it needs to prevent and expose corruption in our state.

2. That an ALP government would by 31 October 2015 and annually thereafter report to Parliament on the progress made in implementing the recommendations of the Panel of Experts on political donations.
A Foley Labor Government would report regularly to Parliament on issues relating to electoral donations reform.

3. That New South Wales will adopt best practice in open government, and as an integral part of that will require (with exceptions only where demanded by the essential contingencies of good government) the release of information obtained by the government and its agencies as a consequence of the exercise of governmental power.
A Foley Labor Government would adopt best practice regarding open government

4. That the government would enshrine in legislation the principles that public office is a public trust, and that the holders of public office must, in exercising the powers entrusted to them, give priority to the public interest over any other interests.
A Foley Labor Government would take steps to do so, where this is not already so enshrined in legislation.

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