The Jim Carlton Annual Integrity Lecture 2023 was given by Professor Peter Doherty, Nobel Laureate, AC, FAA, FRS on 19 April 2023

The subject of the lecture: Integrity and Complex Systems: The Rum Rebellion or the Shearer’s Strike?

Much public discussion of moral, legal, and political integrity reflects the interface between Australia’s two great sociological themes, based respectively in the 1808 Rum rebellion and the 1891 Shearer’s Strike. Scientists like me also talk about ‘Integrity’ in somewhat different contexts. Architects and civil engineers focus on the integrity of physical structures. That also relies on the integrity of suppliers, builders, and regulators: there have recently been some spectacular failures! With health, whether it be human medicine or environmental well-being, we’re discussing the physical integrity of complex systems, and the moral integrity deficit of those who carelessly compromise such systems.

This event is a collaboration between the Accountability Round Table (ART) and Melbourne Law School.

The ART is a non-partisan group of citizens with diverse backgrounds (journalists, lawyers, academics, former politicians, and judges) and extensive experience in parliament, government, and the courts. It is dedicated to improving standards of accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour, and democratic practice in government across Australia.

Read the full lecture here.  Watch a recording of the lecture here.

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