Transparency International Australia (TIA) has written to the major parties asking what action they will take in the next parliament to strengthen parliamentary integrity and our democracy.

‘We are disappointed that Prime Minister Scott Morrison has failed to respond to our request for transparency on their commitment to parliamentary integrity and democratic reforms.’ Said TIA CEO Serena Lillywhite.

‘We are pleased to see strong commitments from the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens, as well as former whistleblower, Independent MP Andrew Wilkie.‘Transparency International Australia has identified five priority reforms that would go a long way to improving the integrity and accountability of our democratic system and restore the public’s trust in public office.

‘These include caps on political donations, controls over political lobbying, a robust code of conduct for all parliamentarians, better protection for whistleblowers, stronger action on global anti-corruption efforts, and of course a national anti-corruption and integrity agency.

‘At a time when Australians are almost daily rocked by corruption scandals or allegations of breaches of integrity by our federal parliamentarians – these reforms should be prioritized by all politicians who aspire to work in a well-functioning new parliament.

Read Transparency International’s full press release here.

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