The Australian Commission For Law Enforcement Integrity is the federal body tasked with supporting the Integrity Commissioner to provide independent assurance to government about the integrity of prescribed law enforcement agencies and their staff members.  ACLEI’s primary role is to investigate law enforcement-related corruption issues, giving priority to serious and systemic corruption.

On  21 March 2014, Accountability Round table was invited to make a submission to ACLEI commenting on its future role. This submission added to previous submissions (see appendices to the submission linked below) from ART pointing out the various inadequacies in the legislation permitting ACLEI to effectively carry out its role. In this submission, we call for ACLEI to be expanded to “provide an adequately empowered and
resourced anti-corruption commission covering the whole of the public sector and its activities including matters involving decisions and provision of services flowing from an allocation of public funds and the activities of government agencies and of corporations operating overseas. ”

A PDF of this submission is linked here

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