Here are audio files of the three speakers at the recent “Buying power” ICAN event on the many negative effects of political donations on political decision making.

Mr Royce Millar is a Fairfax investigative journalist with a special interest in public policy and government decision-making. Royce spoke on recent history in the State of Victorian of the influence of developers over planning decisions, and in particular its effects on the Fisherman’s Bend project.

ICAN 28th October 2015 Royce Millar. WMA

The Hon Dr Ken Coghill PhD is an Associate Professor, Department of Management, Monash University and a former Parliamentary Secretary of the Cabinet and Speaker.  Ken spoke of reforms to the requirements to disclose political donations and whether those reforms have addressed the disease or only the symptoms.  His paper is on our website here.

ICAN 28th October 2015 Ken Coghill.WMA

Dr Cristina Neesham – is a distinguished academic ethicist and social philosopher with extensive experience in management and leadership skills. Cristina spoke on the need for personal integrity and an understanding of ethics by politicians and public servants.

ICAN 28th October 2015 Cristina Neesham.WMA