The Accountability Round Table today (Tues 14 June) asked political parties and candidates to commit to measures to improve the integrity and accountability of government.

Chair of ART, Tim Smith QC, former Supreme Court Judge said

The Commonwealth Government Integrity System is one of the weakest in Australia.  Our request for commitments focusses on its most serious weaknesses.  The responses of the parties and candidates will shed light on their own commitment to integrity.

Measures cover:

  • National Integrity System including a corruption control commission, code of conduct for members and senators, a parliamentary integrity commissioner and cooling off periods for former ministers taking up appointments.
  • Reform of Federal election campaign financing including caps on donations, disclosure thresholds of $1,000 and caps on expenditure plus an independent inquiry to identify best practice.
  • The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner with adequate funding, three commissioner appointments and an inquiry into the operation of the OAIC since inception, as recommended by the Hawke review
  • A more genuine approach to the international Open Government Partnership with  a proper partnership with civil society and ‘increasing public integrity’ added to the first action plan, as envisaged by the OGP


Political party and candidate responses will be published on our website before July 2.

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