ABC PM – Fitzgerald swan song: Australian democracy is bent

Fitzgerald swan song: Australian democracy is bent

Simon Lauder reported this story on Thursday, March 11, 2010 17:14:00


MARK COLVIN: The former anti-corruption royal commissioner and judge, Tony Fitzgerald, has made what he says will be his last commentary on the state of government in Australia.

And it was damning.

Mr Fitzgerald says the prevailing political culture is amoral, anarchic, controlled by money and lacking in ethics, oversight and accountability.

He says too many politicians are motivated by power rather than public interest and there’s too much government by executive.

In short, Mr Fitzgerald says, our democracy is not broken but bent.

He delivered his assessment while launching an initiative of the Accountability Round Table, designed to reward politicians for honour and integrity.

Stateline Friday, March 12, Tony Fitzgerald’s Swansong Interview

Swan song for former corruption fighter

Source: Stateline Victoria
Published: Friday, March 12, 2010 12:00 AEDT

Thursday, June 10, 2010 12:00 AEDT


The head of one of Australia’s most famous corruption inquiries, Tony Fitzgerald, laments the lack of political accountability in modern Australian politics.

JOSEPHINE CAFAGNA, PRESENTER: I spoke with Tony Fitzgerald in what he says is his last interview.

Tony Fitzgerald, thank you for coming onto Stateline


JOSEPHINE CAFAGNA: Why has this been your swansong?

Stateline Friday, March 12, Accountability Awards, Tony Fitzgerald & Justin Madden

Madden hijacks inquiry

Source: Stateline Victoria
Published: Friday, March 12, 2010 12:00 AEDT

Thursday, June 10, 2010 12:00 AEDT


Icelandic Modern Media Initiative

The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative
Feb – April 2010
The legislative initiative outlined here is intended to make Iceland an attractive environment for the registration and operation of international press organizations, new media start-ups, human rights groups and internet data centers.

It promises to strengthen our democracy through the power of transparency and to promote the nation’s international standing and economy. It also proposes to draw attention to these changes through the creation of Iceland’s first internationally visible prize: the Icelandic Prize for Freedom of Expression.

Government of South Australia – Lobbyist Code of Conduct

October 2009

The South Australian Government Lobbyist Code applies to Ministers, Ministerial staff, Parliamentary Secretaries and Public Servants.

The Lobbyist Code of Conduct (the Code) has been designed to introduce greater accountability and transparency into the lobbying process and the interaction between lobbyists and the South Australian Government. Similar codes have been introduced in most Australian jurisdictions.

Button Missen Parliamentary Integrity Awards Launch Speech – Tony Fitzgerald QC

Thursday 11th March 2010
Tony Fitzgerald, QC
"Swansong" Speech 1100 am Monash University Law Chambers 
 The Accountability Round Table:  Button – Missen Awards Launch

Much as I dislike speaking on public occasions, it’s a privilege & pleasure to be here this morning with my colleague of many years, the Hon. Tim Smith QC, & his distinguished associates at the Accountability Round Table including, in random order, the Hon. Race Matthews, the Hon. Ken Coghill, the Hon. Alan Hunt, Professor David Yencken, Ms Julia Thornton, Ms Prue Innes, Mr Bruce Grant & Mr Barry Everingham.

Tim & I first met almost 30 years ago as part-time Australian Law Reform Commissioners. Since then, he’s had an illustrious career as barrister & Supreme Court judge while I’ve periodically re-discovered how easy it is to attract unwanted controversy. I hope to avoid that today in this, my swansong, by noting that my comments are not directed to individual politicians, a specific political party or politics in a particular State & my opinions are simply those of an extremely fallible aging private citizen with children & grandchildren who is interested in Australia’s future.

Renewing Accountable Government: Reforming Accountability in Victoria

November 2006
The Victorian Legislative Council, which will be reformed with effect from the
general elections on 25 November 2006, has the potential to be a major
instrument of accountability.
This discussion paper canvasses a range of reforms and revisions affecting the
accountability of ministers and governments to Parliament and citizens.

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