Ex-judge criticises Australian politics

The Age June 15, 2010

Australia’s politicians are perceived as disconnected from the concerns of the people, and politics is all about gaining and maintaining power, former High Court chief justice Sir Anthony Mason says.

In a stinging critique of contemporary Australian politics, he said there was also a prevailing and unrealistic expectation that government could solve everybody’s problems.

Sir Anthony said surveys indicated many Australians would give a depressing verdict on the integrity, humanity and efficiency of the Australian political system.


"The popular image of the political process would be enhanced if the ideals of openness and accountability were pursued,  if relevant information was made available in timely fashion to the public and if our representatives gave us the bad news as well as the good news.  People would react favourably if they felt that they could rely on the accuracy of political statements.  Unreliability of statements by politicians and &ldquo

Faulkner, Georgiou honoured for integrity

ABC News Online  Posted Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:35am AEST

Defence Minister John Faulkner and Liberal backbencher Petro Georgiou have been honoured at the inaugural Parliamentary Integrity Awards.

The Accountability Round Table – which includes academics, politicians and lawyers – set up the awards to honour honesty and transparency in politics.

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Two MPs receive awards for integrity

 Sydney Morning Herald June 15, 2010 – 9:14PM

The Age June 15, 2010

Bigpond News Wednesday, June 16, 2010 » 06:52am

Business Spectator 9:28 PM, 15 Jun 2010

Herald Sun June 16, 2010 4:10AM

Daily Telegraph June 16, 2010 4:10AM

Corruption: The Abuse of Entrusted Power in Australia

Corruption: The Abuse of Entrusted Power in Australia by Tim Smith (2010) This work by Tim Smith for the Australian Collaboration (a consortium of National Community organisations) sets out the parameters of Australia's problems with corruption. In Corruption: The...

Neutering the Auditor General of the Commonwealth

The unkindest cut

(See also


April 3, 2010

Labor's new dawn of accountability in government advertising has ended with the auditor being sidelined.

JUST over a week ago, Ian McPhee stumbled on some unhappy news: he was about to be kicked in the pants by the Rudd government. Being kicked in the pants is never pleasant. It's probably less pleasant than usual when you are the Auditor-General of the Commonwealth, a position of some importance and dignity. McPhee did not take the news well.

He contacted his political boss, Special Minister of State Joe Ludwig, to get to the bottom of what he was hearing. The government had appointed McPhee with some fanfare to police millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded advertising campaigns. This was a major integrity reform introduced by a government that had promised to be cleaner than its predecessor. He had heard he was about to be dumped. This would be odd, wouldn't it?

Report: Inquiry into the NSW Automatic Enrolment Bill 2009

Thursday 25 February 2010,

The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters tabled its report on the inquiry into the NSW Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Automatic Enrolment) Bill 2009 entitled Inquiry into the implications of the Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Automatic Enrolment) Act 2009 (NSW) for the conduct of Commonwealth elections.

The two provisions of the Bill on which the Committee reported potential Commonwealth electoral effects were

Automatic enrolment provisions


Provisions enabling eligible persons to enrol and cast a provisional
vote on polling day

Report: Inquiry into the 2007 Federal Election Events in the Division of Lindsay

Thursday 18 March 2010

The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters tabled its Report on the 2007 Federal Election – Events in the Division of Lindsay

The 2007 federal election was tarnished by the events in the
division of Lindsay. On 20 November 2007 then members of the Liberal
Party were involved in the distribution of unauthorised election material.
The unauthorised election pamphlet stated that the fictitious Islamic
Australian Federation ‘strongly support the ALP as our preferred party to
govern this country and urge all other Muslims to do the same.’ The
pamphlet further stated that ‘we gratefully acknowledge Labors [sic]
support to forgive our Muslim brothers who have been unjustly sentenced
to death for the Bali bombings.’

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